How do I set up Orderfeeds?

Orderfeeds setup has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible. There are two parts to it. Entering your menu into the system and connecting to your website. If you need a hand setting up orderfeeds, we will offer an Express Setup function whereby we can enter all of your details. connect to website is quick and simple. If you have a website with Us, we will connect to your website for you. If not, we will send you details for either yourself or your web developer to make the changes. The process is very quick and easy for most websites.

How Online Ordering help Restaurant ?

Online Ordering help in many ways . first it save money in commission you pay to third party like Menulog and UberEats . is help to build your customer database which can be use for future marketing

What are the features Online Ordering Should have to make it worth while ?

There are few important things to check before signup for any online ordering system
1. It should be fast and user friendly on the front end
2. Its should have simple to use the dashboard to make any changes
3. its should have flexible menu editor to accommodate your menu and future ideas
4. it should allow collecting customer data for marketing
5. It should be SEO Friendly to make your website come the first page

Do I have to pay commission on each order i received?

No, with Order feeds there is fixed monthly fee which will give you unlimited orders

Is setting up Menu easy or I have to hire someone ?

Setup is very easy and straight forward , you can easyly do yourself and but if u stuck anywhere we are always there to guide through