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Most Advance Online Ordering For Restaurants
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Why You Should Care About Online Ordering

Customers are moving more and more towards online ordering and leaving Business to third Party like UberEats, MenuLog or Doordash will result in complete Dependency  and loss of Business. Online Ordering For Restaurants and catering Business is very Important and very much part of Core Business requirements

Online Ordering for Restaurants
Increase Efficiency of Staff By Reducing Time Spend on Phone and Taking Orders Manually
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Know More about your customers by collecting and analyzing data
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Stearmline your purchasing by better Sales Forcasting
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Taking Advance Orders and bookings 24/7
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Reduce Manual Order Mistake and Increase customer satifaction

Awesome Features

Awesome Features #1

Fully Responsive

The number one benefit of a responsive layout is the guarantee that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your website. And, the most consistent.

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #2

Easy to Use

We Design Ordering layout keeping in mind most customers are not computer savvy and they just want to order food as easily as possible.

Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants
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Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #3

No Commission

Our Business  model is to put maximum profit in restaurant owners pocket while we give best technology to guaranteed growth

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #4

Full Integrations with Online Ordering for Restaurants

This is one of kind service our system give which enable  restaurant owners and there marketing team give tools  to  help in marketing 

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #5

Advance Promo Creater

Most Advance Promo Code creator in the market . This will let you create any kind of promotions . Flat discounts, Percentage, Buy One Get One  Etc

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #6

Service that Customers Wants

All the services which will complete the restaurant requirements . our system provide pickup , delivery, dine in , Table booking all from one place

System also allow to restrict to a particular  service like only pickups or only deliveries etc.

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #7

Multiple payment options

We have integration most popular payment gateways which allow our system to be able to work in most countries in the world and accept all major debit and credit cards

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #8

Connect Unlimited Printers-Online Ordering for Restaurants

we have our dedicate App on Android and  windows platform which makes it very easy to connect any kind of printer . weather it is LAN , wireless , Bluetooth or windows Shared printers.

Also able to connect to multiple printers at the same time to print different location with  printing API. 

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Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants
Online Ordering for Restaurants

Awesome Features #9

Flexible Setup

Our system is very Flexible that can be easily adapt to your business requirements,

weather You have casual or fine dining or catering . this system will work seamless.

Some of the Happy Restaurants

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

Orderfeeds setup has been designed to be as quick and easy as possible. There are two parts to it. Entering your menu into the system and connecting to your website. If you need a hand setting up orderfeeds, we will offer an Express Setup function whereby we can enter all of your details. connect to website is quick and simple. If you have a website with Us, we will connect to your website for you. If not, we will send you details for either yourself or your web developer to make the changes. The process is very quick and easy for most websites.

Online Ordering help in many ways . first it save money in commission you pay to third party like Menulog and UberEats . is help to build your customer database which can be use for future marketing

There are few important things to check before signup for any online ordering system
1. It should be fast and user friendly on the front end
2. Its should have simple to use the dashboard to make any changes
3. its should have flexible menu editor to accommodate your menu and future ideas
4. it should allow collecting customer data for marketing
5. It should be SEO Friendly to make your website come the first page

No, with Order feeds there is fixed monthly fee which will give you unlimited orders

Setup is very easy and straight forward , you can easyly do yourself and but if u stuck anywhere we are always there to guide through

No. Our Restaurant online ordering system Orderfeeds! has been designed to run independently. If you do have a POS system, depending on the manufacturer we can look at integration if required. we can also integrate ordering printing to your existing printer

Yes, you will need access to the internet as this is how the online ordering system receives its orders.

Absolutely, if it was for free how can you expect to get the best quality? You can spend as little or as much as you like, we understand you have a small business so our pricing is minimal and the model is set to get you a great return on investment.

Yes . A flat weekly charge and u can receive unlimited Commission free orders

No, Order Feeds is not an online ordering company. Our services do include an online ordering system, but our main service is focused on promoting your business. The aim is to market your business to get new customers who become loyal online customers who order through your website, instead of attracting customers to the one listing site with 15-20 of your competitors all offering discounts.

Do you want customers paying full price or ordering at a discounted rate? Zwift helps your business stand out from the rest so you attract more full-price paying customers.

Because Of our commitment to restaurant and reasonable pricing with rock solid technology which keeps 99.99% Up time.

Typically 2 – 5 business days depending on the complexity of your menu and how quickly you answer any questions we have. Although if it’s urgent, just let us know — we’ve got a pretty fast turnaround,

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Yes Of course . You can Buy Us a coffee

Nope! Add as many menus or Menu items as you want; accept as many orders as your restaurant can fill; make lots and lots of customers happy.

Yes ! absolutely , they are Beautiful

You can receive orders in 3 different ways
1. by setting up a tablet or desktop on Browser
2. By email in phone or computer .
3. By setting up printer

No Problem ! Our system is capable of handing multi location chain from one account . fees will charge one per location though

We Based in Australia But system is Global with no limitations


yes . we have custom domain pointing


Yes . we have one of most advance and sophisticated promo code creator.


we are here 24/7 on live chat .


No, You can Create simple one page website/landing page though our system that can link through to the online ordering system . If you have a website it’s easy to link an “order online” button from your website to the URL we provide you.

Yes. The Order Feeds! Online ordering system has an easy to use administration area for you to edit everything including your menu and prices, delivery fees, online trading hours, coupon codes and much more. You have FULL control with Order Feeds.

The Order Feeds Online Ordering Platform caters for all types of online payment methods. You can choose your payment gateway or use one of our preferred partners. We offer the option of automatic payment processing where the money is transferred directly into your account daily.

No existing hardware is required. We will provide a web based order receiver that works in any web browser on a tablet, mobile or desktop computer. If you are after POS integration then we can simply connect to your existing equipment.

Yes ! Order Feeds Payment Gateways are 100% Complainants

Yes, Order Feeds online ordering platform is fully ‘responsive’. This means it will adapt to fit the screen of the device it is displayed on. No apps needed, but if you want to create a new app we can also help you.

Order Feeds gives you the ability to choose how you use and configure the system. That means you can use any single or multiple method of ordering as you need it. For example you may use table ordering to begin and down the track to also do pick-up orders.

Yes . Orderfeeds Follow Stricked guideline it come to compliance and privacy

Great, most of our clients already had online ordering as well. Just how many orders are you getting from your own website? Where is your store ranked in a Google search in your delivery area? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Order Feeds provides a marketing team who help promote your business. There isn’t another online company out there like us.

That’s a fantastic to start with , but is your website making you money? A website without online ordering or marketing can cost your business countless customers. If you like your website you can keep it and the online ordering site will be added to it. Let us show you how your website can make money and get you many NEW CUSTOMERS simply by adding an ordering system to it.

No. We provide the online ordering system so your customers can place the orders for your restaurant. Just like a phone order, how you fill them is up to you. So if you offer delivery yourself or through a 3rd party service, great. If not, no problem, you can always just use the system for pickup orders (or dine in or catering or curbside, etc.

Try it out for 14 days and see how it works for your restaurant. If you cancel within 30 days of signing up, you won’t be charged a thing.

No . its simple as click of a button . if u find hard leave us a msg on live chat and we do it for you .


No there is no contract of any kind.

No we don’t charge dime on any order

Yes , one time Fee of $600 .

Yes send Us a msg for more info .

U can paid cash , card or PayPal ( all major cards Accepted )

No Credit cards Fees are Separate . depending on amount . it is Usually 1.77% with stripe and Paypal

Yes you can export Customer Data in Excel Format


Yes U can Restrict Delivery area.

Order Feeds - Online Ordering For Restaurants

Advance Online Ordering for Restaurants which will make your work easy, restaurant busy and Customer Happy

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